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Products Portfolio

Util started production of Backing Plates and Brake Shoes in 1959. 

With the increasing requirement for high strength and low tolerance parts, the Company pioneered the use of Fine Blanking for the production of Backing Plates and Brake Shoes in 1968. 
Due to its long history in Fine Blanking, Util has built industry leading expertise in high strength and performances, narrow tolerance, flat parts, which can be leveraged outside its core Backing Plate and Brake Shoe products.

Util Group is the leading manufacturer of integrally molded Backing Plates for Disc Brake Pads, Shoes for Drum Brakes, Parking Brake Levers and Actuators, Piston Clips, Springs, Wear Sensor Indicators and, NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) Shims for Brake Pads.

The expansive product offering features coverage for almost all types of vehicle applications and is the broadest in the industry, including Passenger Cars, Light Trucks and Medium Vehicles for European, North American, South American, Middle-East, Asian and Australian Markets.
Util has also been developing its expertise in parts such as Exhaust Flanges, Safety Belt components, Clutch Discs and other automotive components that require Fine Blanking technology.

Util Group offers worldwide Fine-Blank technology to meet the most exacting requirements demanded by the Original Equipment (OEM), Original Equipment Services (OES)  or Aftermarket (AM) segments.