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Brake Shoes

Metal supports for drum brakes for passenger and commercial vehicles.

Util Group offers one of the most complete lines of brake shoes available in the global marketplace today. Its experience and technologies
are capable of satisfying the demands of the original equipment market and aftermarket while always guaranteeing the highest quality.

The application of fine blanking technology to brake shoes guarantees high quality safe products suitable for the OE market.
The welding technology used provides a continuous point-by-point monitoring to supply a finish product with functional profile and narrow
tolerances. Special processes as hardening and reinforcement continuous welding are available for special applications.
Shoe kits are supplied either in the sand blasted, clear primed, assembled and disassembled conditions.

Please see our catalogue for a complete listing of available brake shoes.

Assembled brake shoes with levers, pins, springs and toothed segments for self-regulation.

Technical solutions to increase contact surface of metal supports in drum brake shoes by means of shoe gimps and bended wings on rim.

“T-Abutment” solution to increase mechanical resistance of supports, avoiding further reinforcements in the area subjected to long-term structural stress.


Naked Brake Shoes

Assembled Brake Shoes with levers for cable link in handbrake systems.

Assembled brake shoes with toothed segments for self-regulation.