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Util Group produces disc brake shims to address one of the biggest issues in the industry today: Noise, Vibration, and Hardness (NVH).
We offer the largest assortment of disc brake dampers (shims) in North America. We also produce metal dampers utilizing some of the most advanced materials available on the market today.

From constraint multi-layer shims, to stainless steel and single layer, rubber coated shims, Util Group always utilizes the highest  quality of materials available today.
Shims are produced using various methods of attachments including:  

  • Stake-On (with either PSA or Thermoset material)
  • Clip-On (with PSA, thermoset material or rubber coated)
  • Sure-Lock (with PSA material)

Util Group advanced production processes and diverse manufacturing capabilities ensure superior noise dampening, coupled with the exceptional quality and durability you’ve come to expect.

Please see our catalogue for a complete listing of available shims.

Stake-On Shims: attached to the Disc Pad using the lugs/pins located on the Backing Plate.                                                                             

Clip-On Shims: attached to the Disc Pad using bent tabs that clip around the edges of the Backing Plate.
Sure-Lock Shims: attached to the Disc Pad using the dimples/sure lock divots on the Backing Plate and PSA glue.