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Research & Development

R & D projects are concerning not only the products but also the processes.
Util is proud to mention several R & D projects developed together with some famous Universities all around Europe.
At Util a great care is applied by the Management to be sure that our Associates will properly learn the necessary know-how but also the relevant know-why.
Advanced R & D projects are commonly developed by material physical and chemical theories (till the state-of-the-art nanotechnologies) besides CAE most up-dated software.
With always the same target:  to develop and produce products via continuous improvements, about, life extension, weight reduction, safety increase, comfort improvement (via vibration and noise knock-down). 

To allow such ambitious program Util is investing in R & D a huge share of its profits.
Proud to say that, considering how pleased are our clients, also Util shareholders are fully satisfied about this fundamental strategy.