UTIL Canada … Technology upgrade to drive production efficiency

20 February 20230

Together with Mexico, Canada is our key operating hub for the North American market. Headquartered in the Toronto area, it features a manufacturing site as well as an advanced research and development center. The plant’s state-of-the-art technology provides support for both the Original Equipment and After Original Sale Part markets, as well as the design and manufacturing of our own tooling.

In addition to our proven leadership in fine blanking technology, which allows us to manufacture high-precision components with a “net shape” in large quantities with a repeatable process, recently we have also powered our secondary operations capabilities further.

“Thanks to our extensive expertise in mechanical technology – comments Hatem Haidar, UTIL’s General Manager North America – we can flawlessly perform the main secondary machining operations to increase quality and flatness of our products manufactured using blanking. Given the strategic importance of UTIL’s North American operations – continues Haidar – we trust that our recent investments in terms of specific machining capabilities will be instrumental in serving our customers even more efficiently, while capturing the unique opportunities offered by the North American market.”

We added a new Loeser machine for deburring adopting brushes instead of stones, which ensures a more delicate mechanical action to deliver more precise finished products through the elimination of impurities only on specific parts of the product without tumbling to avoid crushing.

Also, we have installed a new washing machine. This state-of-the-art Ceever-GRG industrial piece of equipment will provide higher cleanliness standards for those products that need to meet strict specifications and require a high degree of accuracy. In some cases, this machine will also help perform deburring to remove specific burrs generated by mechanical processing.

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