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Util Group

Util Group

Util Group is a multinational Company with more than 800 employees in its four plants that supply products and services worldwide, complying with high level quality and efficiency standards, fully meeting all kinds of Customers’ expectations. 

Util is a Global Manufacturer of fine blanked and conventionally blanked metal parts, mainly for the Brake System.

The Company is the Global N°1 Manufacturer of backing plates and brake shoes used in vehicle brake systems and is currently developing a portfolio of components based on fine blanking technology. The Company’s main products are metal parts that need to cope with harsh environments and significant physical stress. Util’s success stems from its ability to provide high quality products at competitive prices supported by Best-in-Class Sales and Marketing, Engineering and Logistic Services.

The Company has a strong relationship with the leading Friction Material Suppliers and Brake System Tier1s, which are its Key Customers. Util provides a range of products with innovative solutions that allows the Company to consolidate its position as the leading Co-Designer and supplier of metal supports.


Util Group, headquartered in Villanova d’Asti (Italy), has developed a managerial culture shared amongst all its plants located in Europe, Canada, Mexico and China, offering at a global level, industry leading innovation and technology. The Group strategy is focused on the value of manufacturing processes based on continuous qualitative improvement with the objective of being the leader in Original Equipment and After Market.


The Company has a unique Global Footprint with one production sites in Italy, Canada, Mexico and China respectively.
Util has continuously invested in the modernisation of its equipment and facilities, which are today at the leading edge of the industry. Util has strategically located its production facilities to allow local Customer support on a global basis. The Company’s Global Presence is increasingly playing a differentiating factor in an environment where Friction Material Suppliers are looking to consolidate their supplier base and want suppliers with both a global reach and a local market presence. 
With manufacturing facilities in Americas, Europe and Asia, Util has established a Global Presence superior to any of its competitors. Util’s competitive position is further enhanced with local design and engineering capabilities of products, dies, tooling and process.