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Util Group enlarges its production and application capabilities globally

19 October, 2020
Util continues its global repositioning through the strategic acquisition of three Feintool 1100-ton presses and one Feintool 700-ton press to upgrade its production capabilities. As part of the transaction, Util has purchased in addition two Niederberger polishing lines with integrated washing and drying operations together with one Giustina double disc grinder machine for state-of-the-art mechanical processing.

The key objective of the investment is to provide Util’s customers with a wider range of fine blanking solutions at higher efficiency across its production centers in Europe, Asia and North America.

This significant investment will further support the increasing volume growth and competitiveness, both in Util’s core business as well as its growing diversified product segment, expanding application reach with Car Makers, Tier1 Suppliers and Key Players outside the Automotive Market.

The investment reflects on Util’s vision and conviction about the future of fine blanking for the automotive and other key industrial sectors at a global level.