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BMC ® – Brake Manufacturers Council

Established in 1973, The Brake Manufacturers Council is dedicated to:

  • Providing and maintaining, for the mutual benefit of all its members, communications as appropriate with federal, state and local governmental authorities, bodies and agencies, in short, authorities - such as NHTSA - with legislative or regulatory function whose actions may affect automotive brake parts or systems.
  • Obtaining and disseminating to members information on topics of interest to the brake parts industry.
  • Conducting any further activities as may be appropriate and for the common benefit of manufacturers of automotive brake parts or systems.

The BMC® meets twice a year to address issues current or anticipated facing automotive brake parts and systems manufacturers.
The format of the council meetings features guest speakers from federal, state and local governmental authorities, council sponsored project updates and updates on legislative developments.
In 2010, the Brake Manufacturers Council became an operating council of the Motor & Equipment Manufactuers Association (MEMA®) and is managed by its affiliate Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA®).

Util Group is proud to be member of the BMC and attends many of the annual meetings.

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