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CFSMA ® - China Friction & Sealing Materials Association

China Friction & Sealing Materials Association (Shorten for CFSMA

Association Introduction

The members of leadership of China National Asbestos Products Industry Association and Organization Structure China National Friction & Seal Products Net is a professional information network established by China National Asbestos Products Industry Association. 200 kinds, 3000 types of products have been introduces through this net. The association is a non-beneficial community registered under the supervision of China National Ministry of Civil Affairs. There are about several members in this association. There are more than 700 members in CFSMA® and also a group of enterpriser and professors with full of industrial experience, at the same time, built firm relationship with related association.  The main products are friction and sealing products for automobile, train, airplane, mechanism, petroleum, Chemical, metallurgy, etc.

The international friction sealing material technology exchange and product exhibition organized and created by China Friction Sealing Material Association is treated as one of the most important marketing activities in this industry every year, this activity completely expresses the features of specialization, internationalization and branding in the way of the exhibition scale, the exhibition booth design, the exhibition input and the issues of the new product& material, besides continuously accomplishes the perfect leap to the international exhibition.

Util is proud to be member of the CFSMA®  association since 2005.

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