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Company History

1959   Foundation of Util S.p.A.
1968   Fine Blanking Introduction
1972   New Plant in Villanova d’Asti (Asti, Italy)
1978   Fine Blanking Engineering establishment
1978   Foundation of Ostaf (Pianezza Plant – Turin, Italy)
1985   Foundation of Util Automotive (Atlanta, GA – USA)
1997   New ownership and industrial restart
2000   Merging Util Industries S.p.A. with Capital Tool Design Ltd.
2002   Acquisition of Eurobrake assets
2004   Acquisition of Tabco Auto Brake
2005   Acquisition of All Metal
2005   Acquisition of Lianchuang China plant
2005   Util Mexico opening
2006   Util (Guangzhou) Brakes Co., Ltd Nansha Opening Ceremony
2010   Util Group Worldwide Presence
2011   Worldwide Fine Blanking Premiership
2011   Capital Tool Design Ltd. name change into Util Canada
2011   Opening Shanghai Representative Office
2012   New Corporate Website & Global Product Web Catalogue
2017   Change of ownership to Idea Capital