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We are dedicated to our work with the ambition to pursue excellence in what we do.
We had the same ambition for over 50 years, since our foundation. Our success is built with the passions of our technicians and their desire and determination to make the difference. We were able to make us "different" in our leadership and in our cultural background, a mix of technical culture and advanced research, always oriented to new products and solution, the reason why we put our background in a class apart.

With this purpose, we kindly invite you to fill in the questionnaire below, considering what in your opinion are, in this business, the real competitive differentials in the Company Value Proposition.
MSME001 ed.6 (20/11/2013)         

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Main Competitive Differentials
Main Competitive Sub-Differentials
Based on above evaluations, how do you rate the following sub-differentials as the most considerable key parameters ?
Technologies Capability
Wide range/Quality/Innovation of operational equipments that guarantee to exceed the most demanding technical requirements from the markets
Speed in responding to feasibility analysis and technical requests from customers; Time-to-market/ Launch/ Modification of tooling, equipments and processes
Range of tooling / part numbers available in the product portfolio
Fine Blanking Premiership
Knowledge in Fine-Blanking technology
Know-how and knowledge to design the most performing toolings in terms of quality, efficiency, productivity, etc.
In terms of processes, equipments, etc.
Compliance with all product specifications
Customer Relationship
Quality of the business relationship
Skills to create a long term partnership
Skills to converge to mutually successful agreements: flexibility/creativity to reach agreements even at global level, solutions to meet technical requirements, global agreements, bundling of products/programs, etc.
Ability to manage structured transmission of data between organizations by electronic means
Time from the order to the moment goods are received
Ability to hold goods in inventory for immediate delivery
Global Presence
Ability to support global programs leveraging on worldwide Fine-Blanking production locations
Standard global best practices in all Regions
Dedicated people, soft/hardware/equipments to engage in Co-Design activities
Knowledge of final use of products integrated in the brake system and final car applications, in order to provide innovative solution to improve the entire system
Engagement in the testing phase by offering the opportunity to make test through soft-tools construction
Product Range
Overall Evaluation
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