The climate change predicted by the latest global studies, and already perceptible in some parts of the world, require serious efforts to reduce the emissions produced by human activities.

Among the numerous structural interventions that aim to reduce emissions over the long term, the electrification of means of transportation is becoming increasingly significant. The first great step is the gradual replacement of internal combustion engines with electric motors. Here at UTIL we are equipped to manufacture parts and systems for so-called ePowertrains (electric power trains).

Settori di applicazione

Our in-depth expertise in fine blanking allows us to manufacture parts for accumulator batteries and joints for the pipes used in heating or cooling systems, to name just a few of the elements that are proving to be essential for the new architecture of hybrid and completely electric vehicles.

In this sense, we at UTIL are the ideal development partner for original equipment suppliers, offering the opportunity to optimize the technical design and economic aspects of the components provided to vehicle manufacturers.

We effectively entered this market by co-designing new products for electric motors and components for use in hybrid vehicles with some of our internationally famous customers. We have already successfully completed our first type-approval project and are preparing it for mass production. In addition, we have been nominated the go-to supplier for an innovative product used in plug-in hybrid vehicle transmission systems by one of the most important Tier 1 manufacturers in the transmissions sector.

Parts for hybrid electric motor systems, transmissions and electric motors

E-Motor balancing discs

Component used in high-performance electric motors to guarantee dynamic and structural performance. The high precision of the fine blanking process makes efficient use of the material, minimizing the machining of the part after the blanking phase.

Magnetic field containment discs

Produced in steel or aluminum and applied to highly dynamic, high-performance electric motors, this component helps manage the magnetic field of the rotor. The high precision of the fine blanking process, close to the final shape, allows for efficient use of the material, minimizing secondary machining operations.

Flanges for the pipes of the air conditioning systems for PHEV and BEV

Conventional and stainless steel flanges that allow for the components of the HVAC system to be connected easily and reliably, thanks to the precise shape and position of the holes. The high-precision planarity guarantees the excellent functionality of the fastening system.

Metal gaskets

The complex shape and multiple perforation schemes, with control over shapes and positions, enable the proper functioning of the hydraulic system that uses the component. The planarity and roughness of the aluminum support are controlled and the proper shape of the holes is guaranteed thanks to the use of fine blanking technology.

Discs for multi-disc clutches

Our clutch discs are the ideal solution for modern automatic and hybrid transmission technology. The planarity of the part and its precise shape are essential for easy assembly and for guaranteeing ultimate functionality within multi-disc clutch systems.

Fastening system for bearings

Component applied to the support structure of the main electric engine bearings. Secondary machining operations are reduced to a minimum thanks to the use of fine blanking technology to manufacture the product.



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