Consulting, Co-Design, Tool Design and Construction


We work with passion to comply with each project’s technical specifications, proposing new solutions that help maximize results while also reducing costs.

We study our customers’ needs to offer a reliable, 360° service, making a tangible contribution that benefits both the customer and the product.


We realize that knowing how to adapt to the needs of our customers is essential for sustainable growth.

We work to meet our customers’ needs and help them achieve their business targets, creating solutions that are capable of earning shared approval.

Tool Design and Construction

We design and manufacture our toolings internally to guarantee quality and precision. Multiple production processes can be integrated through research, planning and the advanced technology of the equipment, optimizing the entire manufacturing process and allowing us to bring next generation components to the market.

The internal department for the design and construction of toolings, located in the Villanova D’Asti plant is capable of developing approximately 50 new fine blanking toolings yearly, allowing the company to be a leader in both the original equipment and aftermarket brakes sectors in the various markets where Util is present: North America, China and Europe.


Util creates value for customers by providing excellent quality, an ability to innovate and global service, achieving these objectives through the expertise of its people, organization, technology, techniques and methodologies.

The Quality Management System is a global system that was designed to guarantee all corporate practices and demonstrate the company’s ability to achieve customer satisfaction by working and maintaining complete control over the management of all processes and respecting safety and the environment.

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The ability to learn and develop oneself further is by far the most important quality a professional


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