Flange per macchine agricole e movimento terra

Componenti per motori a combustione di mezzi pesanti

Exhaust system flanges

Stainless steel agricultural machinery flanges that ensure the reliability of the vehicle throughout its operating life. Clearly, the precise shape and location of the holes are essential for a perfect match with the piping and fasteners of the drainage system.

Flanges for the cooling and lubrication systems

Precise shape and accurate, repeatable hole locations are critical for a perfect match with the piping and fasteners of lubrication and cooling systems. In fact, fine-blanking technology applied to stainless steel is a key element for modern thermal management systems, for ICE, PHEV, and BEV.

Flanges for the EGR circuit

Precise shape, planarity and positioning of the holes are crucial to ensuring a perfect match with the pipes and the components that hold the EGR system in place. Stainless steel is used to resist high temperatures and corrosive agents.

Mechanical tone wheels

Mechanical tone wheels make advanced engine control strategies possible. Specifically, fine-blanking technology enables high repeatability of the shape of the phonic wheel teeth helping to generate stable engine speed control signals for both the camshaft and crankshaft. The reliable velocity sensing hardware helps optimize engine control strategies and achieve objectives in terms of emissions and fuel savings.

Turbocharger control levers

The actuator lever is an essential component of the turbocharger management system. In essence, precise and repeatable component form and tight tolerances are essential to enable, for example, the implementation of the wastegate valve according to complex internal combustion engine management strategies.



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