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1 July 20220

We at UTIL hold over 60 years of specific know-how in integrating and streamlining production processes. Also, we are one of the few high-tech companies operating in the fine precision machining sector, vertically integrated and with state-of-the-art in-house tooling design and construction capabilities.

That is of primary importance as offering our customers the opportunity to sample prototypes in the product development phase enables them to make informed decisions before going into mass production.

To this purpose, we have recently established a partnership with a leading internationally technology company specialized in fine blanking, forming and electrolamination stamping for processing steel sheets.

We have asked Rodolfo Pizzio, UTIL Fine Blanking Technology Director, what steps our company is taking to further consolidate our position in the fine precision machining sector.

Rodolfo, can you tell us a bit more about this partnership? 

It is a new and innovative collaboration centred around advanced integrated toolings with one of the leading fine blanking companies worldwide. The initiative started a few months ago and will carry for a few years.

Yet, this partnership is not totally new…

As matter of fact, we have been working with our partner for many years across various business areas, from equipment technology to advanced toolings. But, as time goes by, it is more and more crucial for us to have constant and immediate access to the latest developments in fine blanking tooling design to shape our future and differentiate from our competitors. That is why we have decided to give it a try, yet with a renewed approach.

What is going to change compared to the past?

This partnership will enable us to be even more competitive, by integrating a number of operations into the same fine blanking tool and eliminating secondary operations that will remain exclusively for extremely complex products. That will translate into better quality, faster manufacturing times and even lower production costs.

In which sectors can this fine blanking technology be particularly beneficial?

The new technology will be crucial for a wide range of industrial sectors such as automotive, e-mobility, construction and two-wheel motion, to name only a few. It is a huge technological advancement for us at Util, as toolings become “real machines.”

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